The rules contained in the by-laws and/or rules of order, shall govern the club in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the by-laws or rules of order of this club.

ARTICLE I –NAME and PURPOSE The Atlantic Saddle Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of furthering the enjoyment and knowledge of horses in the country. ARTICLE II – MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS: A. Membership is open to all ages; however, when a minor is involved (18 years old and under), a parent or legal guardian is required to sign the application making it a family membership. This is to release any legal responsibility of the Atlantic Saddle Club, Inc., the officers, and all members from any personal or property damage B. Membership applications must be filled out by all members and dues paid before membership takes effect C. Membership fees: Family Memberships will be $35.00 per year and Membership fees for Individuals is $30.00 if paid before March 1st of each year. After March 1st fees shall increase to $45.00 for Family Memberships and $40.00 for an Individual Memberships. D. A Family Membership is available to couples (2 adults) and their children and step children residing in the same household.

VOTING MEMBER: A. A Family Membership will entitle the family to one vote for each family member 10 years old and older who is a voting member. B. A voting member is one that has attended at least 75% of the General Meetings held since the date of their membership excluding extenuating circumstances as defined in the Bylaws

DUTIES AND RIGHTS OF MEMBERS: DUTIES: A. To obtain the floor before speaking B. To stand when speaking when convenient C. To avoid speaking on any matter until it is properly brought before the house by motion D. To keep to the question then pending E. To yield the floor to calls of order to abstain from all personalities in debate to avoid disturbing, in any way, the speakers of the assembly RIGHTS: A. To offer any motion or discussion that concerns the club B. To explain or discuss an idea or any matter properly before the house C. To call to order if necessary, (a point of order can interrupt a speaker) D. To ensure orderly procedure, particularly when there is a breach or violation of rules or by-laws, or when a member is not speaking on the motion before the house E. To hold the floor when legally obtained until through speaking F. To appeal the decision of the chair of the assembly

ARTICLES III – OFFICERS/BOARD OF DIRECTORS ELECTIONS AND DUTIES: The officers shall be elected annually for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Nominations for officers will be held in November and elections will be held in January of the New Year. Immediate past president shall act as advisor to the new group of officers. All officers shall be members of the Show Committee and shall work at the shows as assigned, and attend all Show Committee meetings except in case of extenuating circumstances as defined in these Bylaws. PRESIDENT: A. Preside and maintain order B. Explain and decide all questions of order C. Announce all business D. Entertain only one motion at a time, and state all motions properly E. Put all motions to a vote and give the results

F. Enforce the rules of decorum and discipline G. Maintain show points H. Monitor and maintain email account, website and the facebook page I. Contract Judges from the Show Committee’s list of approved Judges. J. Show Committee Chairman K. Work at shows as assigned

VICE PRESIDENT: A. Preside and perform the duties of the president in his/her absence B. Serve as Co-Chairman for show committee C. Jointly work with President in handling show procedures D. Work at shows as assigned. D. Select speakers and informational materials for monthly meetings H. Oversee all committee actions and progress

SECRETARY: A. Keep minutes of the meetings B. Take roll call C. Read important correspondence D. Record the names of members who introduce motions E. Take charge of all documents belonging to the club, when requested F. Organize the work schedules for shows G. Preside in the absence of the President and Vice-President H. Work at shows as assigned TREASURER: A. Receive and deposit all monies in a timely manner B. Keep records of all financial transactions C. Pay bills by check whenever possible D. Maintain receipts for all bills paid E. Order/handle show ribbons and awards F. Provide a monthly statement of finances G. Give account report at all meetings H. Work at shows as assigned SHOW COMMITTEE A. Attend 2/3 meetings as called by the Show Committee Chairman except in case if extenuating circumstances as defined in these Bylaws

B. Set up the show program at the beginning of the year C. Set up the show schedule at the beginning of the year D. Assume all responsibilities for running the shows E. Plan and organize benefit shows and fundraisers as needed F. Compile a list of approved Certified Open Show Judges.

ARTICLE IV – MEETINGS The Atlantic Saddle Club, Inc. shall have one general meeting per calendar month. This will be the third Tuesday of the month, unless it is a holiday, and then it will be the fourth Tuesday of the month. AGENDA FOR REGULAR MEETINGS: A. Call to order B. Secretary’s Roll Call, minutes read C. Treasurer Report D. Committee’s Reports E. Unfinished Business (Old Business) F. New Business G. The program (speakers, films, etc.) if any H. Adjournment ARTICLE V – AMENDMENT OF BY-LAWS HOW TO AMEND: Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed, in writing, by any member in good standing to the Officers. Notification of the proposed changes must be presented, in writing, to the general membership at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting. A vote on the changes would be taken at the meeting held the month after written notification. A vote of 2/3 of the voting members is required to amend the by-laws. GUIDELINES: A. Dues are to be paid at the time of enrollment B. Membership runs for one year, from January 1st thru December 31st C. Each member is required to work a minimum of (8) hours. Hours can be exchanged between members if it is noted at the time of sign up. Giving away of hours at a later date is not allowed. Family members or friends may work hours for member, but it must be noted at time of sign up. Officers and Show Committee members may not give away work hours. D. Members will be given discounts on entry fees

E. Membership cards must be presented at time of sign up F. Club functions are for members only, unless otherwise specified as open to the public and at that time an admission will be charged G. A non-member may attend and observe 2 meetings per year. Membership will then be required to attend further meetings H. Year-end points will not be given unless minimum hours are worked. I. Misconduct WILL NOT is tolerated! First offense will be a warning or possible dismissal. Second offense will be an automatic dismissal J. Sponsors/membership are two (2) separate issues K. Any monies owed ASC will delay points counted for year-end awards L. Show rules are part of the by-laws M. Show fees are to be paid at the time of sign up N. In case of extenuating circumstances a member/officer/committee member may request a waiver for missed meetings. Extenuating circumstances will include, but not be limited to, illness, work, school, an emergency situation. ,To request a waiver contact the President before or immediately after the missed meeting. The President will present the request to the Board for a vote. A waiver may only be given up to two times per year. Please note the requirement to attend 50% of the meetings to qualify for yearend awards has been deleted.