2020 Class List

VHSA Assoc Rated Classed not offered on the following show dates Nov. 7th, Nov. 21st, Dec. 12th. The VHSA Assoc. Classes will become Open Classes, and will be awarded ASC points only on these show dates.


Short Stirrup Hunter* 18” Crossrails

1. Course A

2. Course B

3. Flat W/T/C

Open Over Fences

4. Course A

5. Course B

6. Flat W/T/C

Green Pony & Pony Hunter* (s) 2’ (m) 2’3” (l) 2’6”

7. Course A

8. Course B

9. Flat W/T/C



Pony Hunter Pleasure*

10. GAYP 11. W/T/C 12. W/T/C

Jr. Hunter Pleasure Horse*

13. GAYP 14. W/T/C 15. W/T/C

Adult Hunter Pleasure Horse*

16. GAYP 17. W/T/C 18. W/T/C

Youth/Adult Hunter GAYP (Placed Separately)



​22. Equitation On The Flat* W/T/C


a) 14u b)15-17 c) Adult Amateur

~½ hour break, classes not to start back before 12:00~

23. All Breed Conformation

24. Peewee Showmanship (Pee Wee Division)

25. Novice Showmanship

26. Open Showmanship

27. Mini Showmanship (Mini Division)

28. Mini Horse Over Fences (Mini Division)

29. Mini Obstacle Course (Mini Division)

~30 Minute Schooling Break~

30. Peewee Freestyle Trail (Pee Wee Division)

31. Freestyle Trail Class

32. Lead line $5 entry fee

12 and Under Walk, Trot or Jog Equitation

33, 34, 35.

36. Peewee Walk Only Equitation (Pee Wee Division)

37. Very Beginner Walk, Trot or Jog

Novice Walk, Trot or Jog Equitation

38, 39, 40.

Green Horse Pleasure Walk, Trot or Jog

41, 42, 43.

44. Exhibition Ranch Riding

Youth/ Adult Western Pleasure Division GAYP (Placed Separately)

45, 46, 47.


Open Western Division GAYP


48, 49, 50.

51. Open Stock Seat Equitation GAYP

Entry Fees:                                                       Member                Non-Member

Per Class:                                                         $15.00                   $20.00

All Day Show Fee- Unlimited Classes            $65.00                  $90.00

Lead Line                                                            $5.00                  $5.00



Shows held at East Coast Equestrian Training Center and start at 9am!

2508 West Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

*VHSA Associate classes will be run in accordance with VHSA Associate rules and regulations. Only some of our shows will have these classes VHSA rated so please check with ASC to verify the dates of the rated shows. These classes will be for ASC points whether or not they’re VHSA rated.