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Team Competition

Teams will consist of 4 exhibitors. An exhibitor can be on only one team. Team members can be youth or adult. All classes with 3 or more entries count towards team points.


Points are based on the exhibitor. Exhibitor can show any number of horses. Horses can be shared. Points from each exhibitor’s 3 highest point earning classes will be totaled and added to the team’s points. Ties will be broken by the total number of Grands and Reserves won by the team members. If still tied there will be a ride off.


Teams will select one rider to represent them in the ride off. $40 entry fee per team. Teams must be registered for points to start counting. If a team is formed after the show has started, team points will start to count with the first class after registering the team, prior classes will not count towards team points. Grand and Reserve Ribbons will be given to all members on the top two point earning teams.


Registration forms will be available at the show.

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